Елена asked how to say

you are so pretty (but not belle/beau)

in French. 26 Dec 11


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Brittany answered 26 Dec 11

tu es tres joli

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Brittany answered 27 Dec 11

your welcome! :)

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Miguel answered 30 Dec 11

Tu es très joli

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Gracie Page answered 27 Apr 12

The following are for addresses women:
Tu est tres jolie. (you are very pretty)
Tu est trop chou ! (you're so cute)
Tu est canon ! (you're hot)
Tu est adorable (you're adorable)
Tu est mignonne (you're cute)
Tu est si jolie (you are so pretty)

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Елена answered 27 Dec 11


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Oscar answered 29 Dec 11

Tu est très joli

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